Sunday, 16 January 2011

Welcome! Bienvenue!

I am known as Neptune, a part time SAHM and College Professor. I am the mom of 3 wonderful children: Pea, Peanut and Pumpkin aged 5, 3 and 5 months. We are a bilingual family, french being our other language.

I have started blogging at petithappiness, but some major changes have come upon us lately, leaving us with a new house, a new baby, new challenges, and thus we are heading in a new direction. I felt like all this also called for a new virtual house, thus the change of blog.

Why "the free child?" Well, I must admit there are many reasons for it.

First this represent a hope I have for my own kids: I wish them freedom. Being free to have their own mind/ their own belief and act accordingly. Free to learn the way they wish, and to tackle any task at a given time at their own pace. And most of all, free to become what they dream of.

The free child also describe my educational beliefs:
I am greatly inspired by the work of Maria Montessori. She truly believe that freedom was necessary both while learning, and in discipline.
Time and experience has greatly shaken my trust in the compulsory education we are putting our children through. I wish for my kids to be school free, and have the best education I now believe in: one that rest upon experiencing life as it is, one where they can be active, free to explore, and discover at their own will.

And finally, the free child also represent myself. In those last few years of being (finally) over with school, and becoming a mom, I have set my inner child free, letting her influence who I now am. I cannot say how great this feels! I have learn to appreciate learning again, to live at a slower pace, and really embrace life just as I did as a child. I have no clue why I forgot about all that for all those years.

And this blog will reflect all that: our educational journey, the joy of seeing my children grow, sheltered of today's fast pace and consummerism and our

Take a cup of hot cocoa, and feel free to enjoy!


  1. Great to see you on Blogspot!

    Looking forward to your posts here!

  2. beautiful! Looking forward to reading your posts in this new light! I am also on the road to self discovery and 'rebirth' :)

  3. Welcome to both of you! I am glad you followed along :)