Friday, 7 January 2011


As I am navigating in this world of homeschooling, unschooling and the such, I have also stumbled upon what a "rebellious" teacher calls un-education (la déseducation in french). which is a way of calling the compulsory schooling in which most kids are subjected. I am growing more and more aware of this, after reading many books by Mr Gatto, Mr Holt and other well known reasercher in this area.

I have stumbled upon a link to 2 ONF videos that really are striking in regards to education and how things are handled in our society.

The first one is a tale of a young kid that is being overdosed by his parent. No, we are not talking drugs, but activity! He is clearly going through a time-deficit disorder, a syndrom that need to be invented if it is not already! SO many kids are in this situation, and as a matter of fact, a lot of adults too! A good reminder to take some time to do nothing, to just live and breathe!

The second one really reminds me of my own school years, where creativity, and stepping out of the box was clearly NOT something that was really hoped for (dare I say discouraged...), and conformism was the clear (and yet untold) objective...

These video have been made by french people, and may contain french words, but there are only a few words said, so don't be bothered by the language. You'll get the point nontheless ;)




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