Tuesday, 8 January 2013

What E (30 months) is loving right now

At 30 months old, here are E's favorite activities right now: (sorry the pictures are dark, it is very cloudy and snowy today)

The letters are going strong right now:

Tag toy's peg tumbler:

Pegs he received at Christmas from family members.  This wouldn't have been a choice for me as I try to limit plastic, but E seems to enjoy it for now. Very interesting for counting and color matching.

Wooden block in a bucket.  I think his favorite part right now is to sort them in the holes.  This too was Christmas present

Building train tracks: I was happy to get them out again.  X played so much with these, and E seems to enjoy them just as much!

Number puzzle

Vehicles puzzles: E is very much into trucks, tractors and such.  Anything related is interesting to him

And the one thing that I see all day long...

this is a real replica of a tractor his grandfather owns.  He plays with this all day, everyday.

The rest of his time is spent with BOOKS, and PAINT, 2 things he loves deeply.


  1. Do you have amazon links to any of these items? I did find the peg thing. Thanks!

  2. Most of these were found either locally, or given to us.
    The peg tumbler is from TaG toys and so the letter puzzle. Check out TAG toy web site, you'll find them easily. I am not sure if they are available on Amazon.

    The number and truck puzzles I found then in a consignment store locally. The truck puzzle are melissa and doug, they might still be available.

    The Tractor is a present E received from somebody that work in that particular tractor company, the train tracks were bought locally 5 years ago, and the blocks (with the sorting activity) was a Christmas present. Finally, the plastic colored peg was also a Christmas present, but the name of the compagny is Lauri. I know they sell many version of these kits.

    I hope this helps you!

  3. I really like the peg tumbler, it's on Michael Olaf too.