Monday, 7 January 2013

Meet Doggy

Bedtime routine is an ever evolving situation here.  Composing with 3 tired children at the same time is not always easy, and requires ingeniosity and diligence to make everything smooth.

E's bedtime routine has evolved over time, and he needed a light source for the times when it is bedtime and he has to remain in bed, but he is not completely ready to get to sleep yet.  I didn't want to have a light that could be hazardous to him since I am not present with him all the time, and thus this restricted my options.

Until I found Doggy.

Doggy is a DEL light.  It is battery operated, so I charge it during the day,  to be used during our bedtime routine.  When used it must be unplugged, so this dramatically diminished the risk of electrical shocks.

The DEL lights are located under Doggy's head.  The head swivels up and down to expose the light sources (there are 12 tiny LED lights)  There are 2 options available as far as light intensity goes.

E uses it by it's side in it's bed.  Since there is no electrical outlet, I am not scared that something could happen if he falls asleep with the light near by. (which happens occasionally)

It is easy to handle, there is a button on the back that E can open and close without any troubles at all.

It is not by all mean a lamp to light up the whole room.  It is a punctual light used only to allow reading.    I didn't want to have a very bright light source, because I think it can interfere with sleep arousal.  This is just enough.

When the light is left open, but the dog's head is lowered down, it also serves as a night light.

M has one that is similar, and she claims that this, used as a night light, is enough for her not to be scared.


  1. Lovely doggy :) We use a lamp from Ikea It does need plugging to charge, but can then be used without the cable which is what we will do once our daughter gets out of her baby-bed. I love how it glows and change colour, but you can also set it on one particular colour if you prefer.
    I like how your doggy can be used as reading lamp though. Where did you find it?

  2. Ikea was my next choice, but I was happy with what I found here. I got it at Le Capucin. I am not sure whether they sell these product online, but they sell other things, so they might ship this as well.

    The biggest feature was that it could be used as a reading lamp. I had another glowing lamp, but the amount of light was not enough to provide a good reading light. So Doggy really fits the bill perfectly!

  3. Hmmm I've tried to have a look online for Le Capucin, got on a website about natural things for the house (could sound like the right one), but no Doggy lamp to be seen though.

  4. Fred, look here:

    There are other options then doggys...Cow, and other things too.

    HTH :)

  5. AAaaaaaah, so 1) I was on the right website 2) I saw the cow lamp, but did not click on it, so I didnt see the other options. But I am afraid I will not get it, at least because the international shipping is 40$!!
    Thanks for the link and the tip though, I will look around to see if we have something similar in France or in Germany :)