Wednesday, 19 September 2012


I've been trying to keep E busy all during this chaotic time we are going through.  One thing he is very interested in right now are cards!  All types of cards, playing cards, flash cards, wishing cards.  He loves to go around the house, cards in hand, and just name what he sees, and have us name with him too.
I think he also just enjoy having them in his hands, and piling them up, keeping them close.  Just having them in his hand is thrilling, just like holding a treasure.

His language is exploding right now, both in french and english.  So I have been trying to find cards and material that will fulfill all his language needs: french cards, wordless cards and english cards as well.

Sometimes he goes around the house, walking with his set of playing card, and keeps them for hours without using them.  He even falls asleep with his cards in his hands!

One sets he adore is this one:

as you can see, naming is a big thing!

They have hole, and so they can be hooked on a hook for easy storage.

He also like having standard flash cards

I change the set on display regularly to keep them fresh.  I find cards that are in relation with what we are currently experiencing as a family.  These were out before and after we went camping during summer time.
I have the same set in french.

Speaking of cards, have you seen this new set of cards designed by a former Montessori child?

These are made by Lisa Camp a former Montessori child and  mother along with her mom, a  Montessori teacher for 25 years.

 They designed this set to help children learn the letter and the sound they make.

I love how they also have a hole to hook them together, and I really love the images they have used!

These are still into production.  Here are the latest news from Marie-Claire:

We have finalized our A to Z list (but the full list is only available for Backers to see)
• We have revised the fronts and backs of each card, a preview is attached
• I am personally working on small illustrations on the back of each card, an updated preview of B is available (vowels are color-coded blue, consonants are color-coded orange)
• We are now an official LLC, with a lawyer, an accountant and business name
• Marc is on schedule to complete the large front illustrations

I am sure E will love those as well!

If you are interested, they are here


  1. It is still homeschooling, even with some cards... Don't forget to let him do nothing, it is very good for recovering! Dolce farniente :-) Take care

  2. Good evening!
    Thank you for all you're sharing, I'm new here but I really have the feeling there's much to learn with you!
    How old is your little "X"?
    En fait je continue en Français parce que je réalise en écriavant que vous êtes bilingue!!
    Je cherche des cartes pour mon fils, en Français du coup: savez-vous où on peut en trouver? D'où viennent celles des fruits que X aime?
    J'avais vu les cartes de MArie-Claire mais comme nous parlons uniquement français à la maison (nous sommes français et vivons en France!), je me suis dit que ce n'était pas approprié: qu'en pensez-vous?
    Merci pour tout
    Bonne soirée

  3. I ordered those cards as well. Can't wait until they're ready and shipping! I would also love to know more about those fruit cards! Where did you get them and what are they called? Btw, I love your blog!