Thursday, 21 June 2012

Toddler's art caddy at playful learning spaces

I have been invited by Mariah of Playful learning to be a contributor to her blog!  How to refuse this?  I am so in tune with her ideas, and she is a big inspiration to me. I am delighted to be able to contribute modestly to her work.

Today my first post is up  about E's art caddy.

Go check it out, and take the time to indulge yourself and read her very inspiring and wonderful blog!

Thanks Mariah for this invitation!  I hope you all like the post :)

Have a great day!

J'ai été invitée, récemment, par Mariah de Playful learning, a devenir contributeur pour son blog.  Comment ne pas accepter, j'adore ses idées, et ce qu'elle fait!

Aujourd'hui, mon premier billet est affiché:  La boite d'art de E

Allez faire un tour, et profitez-en pour faire le tour de son blog, il est excellent!

Bonne journée!


  1. Your blog is just inspiring. You make it sound so easy! Thanks for the ideas!

  2. I was so happy to see this post.
    I've wanted a wooden art caddy for my toddler for some time. Thank you for providing the sources.

    I have a question about the Lyra Ferby pencils: because they are triangular shaped, what type of sharpener do you use?

    And the transportation themed rubber stamps are a fantastic idea! Do you mind sharing where you bought yours? The size looks great for small hands.

  3. Unknown, thank you for the comments!

    Bronx Bohemian: I use a bigger hole sharpener, and it works perfectly. THey are found at every school material store :)
    I bought the stamps in my local art store. But I am pretty sure they can be found elsewhere. I don,t have the name of the company anymore, but they sold as a cylindrical bucket, and they contained all vehicle types of stamps. I hope that helps!

  4. hi there~ i was wondering what type of scissors you would recommend for a 22 month old who has no experience with scissors AT ALL? and also, are the colored pencils a must or will crayola crayons suffice for now? thank you!
    leah, mom to O, 21 months

  5. also, where can i find a great wooden caddy with section dividers?

  6. Leah, E started out with standard scissors about 2 months ago. He was about 21-22 months. it took time, but he is starting to get it. My only problem now is that I believe this little man is a real lefty, and I have right handed scissors. Otherwise, I think he would have no problem dealing with them.
    Get scissors that are easy to open and close, that have rounded blades, and that have reasonably sized handles. Too big a handle does impede the process of mastering scissors. And my best advise is to skip the scissors that opens on it's own after you cut something. I think it is worth the effort of learning to cut properly the first way round.

    As a child, I have never likes crayons. I didn't like the effect on the paper. I was thrilled when I finally started to use pencils. And I think E feels the same :) All jokes aside, I feel it is important that the child can use more then one medium. As a kid, because I didn't like crayons, and had access to only this, I remember that I didn't draw as much because I didn't like the medium, but that was all I was given. I didn't want to make that same mistake with my own son, so having many mediums, and letting him pick what he likes best is of uttermost importance. But that is a choice *I* made based on my experience. So I would say give your child at least one choice. Buy the best quality pencils you can (crayola is fine!), and only 8 is enough. Then let you child draw, sit back and look. You'll see fast enough if crayons are enough for him (her).
    As for the caddy, if you go to Mariah's site, on the blog post I wrote, you have a direct link to the exact caddy E has at the bottom of the post. (it is from "toy garden"). But I am sure there are other around, and you can even find things locally that can work. Cutlery caddies are fantastic tools!

    Good luck!