Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Activities for my 14 months old

Here is what has been set up this month for E, 14 months old:

Gross motor:

Walking \ Marcher

This has been this month's big thing.  And we can see how life and his development is really changing because of his walking.  We try to have him walk as much as we can.  He loves it!

Sweeping / Balayer

Walking has definitely set him to do practical life activities.  He really wants to take part of our family life, just like the olders.  You'll probably see a lot of those in the next months.

Scrubbing the table/ nettoyer la table à la brosse

He can do that for really long periods of time.  But that really needs constant supervision.

Whole hand transfert / transfert avec la main

Aside from walking, I think this is the thing he is working the most at the moment.  Transfering, putting in, putting out and so on.  All of it using the whole hand for now.

This is one of the shoebox activity I have set him up.  I got the idea here, and I love it.  It is perfect for those stages when carrying is not perfected, and yet, it allows to have an activity set up Montessori way.  I've been running after shoeboxes for a while now, I have tons of ideas in mind with those.  I think my problem will be a lack of shoebox rather then ideas...

Whole hand tranfert again...

THis activity is satisfying to him because of the "klunk" the spools make when they hit the steel buckets.

One on one association - Eggs filling / association 1 à 1 , remplir un contenant d'oeuf

THis is one he called for after doing it with REAL eggs...  I got him a wooden set instead...

Throwing / Lancer

We have entered the throwing phase.  Of course, it started at the table, and just like I did when he started to drop food I created an activity in which throwing is acceptable.  I'm not entirely satisfied on the quantity of things on there, but I wanted to carefully select what I put in there not to have trouble later on.  I'll probably be felting balls this weekend to add in.  Any other suggestions??

Fine motor skills

Opening and closing containers / ouvrir et refermer des contenants

This is something I have introduced only a few days ago.  I wanted to start really simple as this is new to him.  So far so good.  I'll be adding to the basket as he masters what is in there.  I have a few things on the top of my mind that will be interesting to add.

Drawing / Dessiner

Honnestly, this one has really taken me by surprise.  This kids LOVES to draw.  When I don't know where he is, for sure, he is sitting at his table drawing.  I have added a basket near the table with a book to draw in.  This is really becoming a keepsake.  I'll post something on drawing soon.


Basket of farm animals / Panier d'animaux de la fermer

I created this basket for 2 reasons.  One, for naming.  He gets the animal out, we name, and do the sound.  A sure hit every time.  But I also wanted to introduce the concept of mats to work on.  So we are showing him to first open the mat, and then put the animals on it.  Right now, this in itself, is a game to him, but I'll increase the number of baskets with mats as time goes, and hopefully, that will do the trick

Books / Livres

This is something we never get tired of.  Some days, I feel like just reading would be all my pre school children really need (well, and moving of course!!!)
Loads of books on autumn and insects.


Animal sounds  /Sons des animaux

I'll take about this one more extensively really shortly.  This is one of my fav, and I think E's too!

Fabric basket / Boite de tissus

This fabric contains the same fabric that E has in his texture book, just in a free form.  I've started, a few days ago, to compare with him the fabric and the book.  Eventually, I'll like to make a matching activity with that.

Music basket / Panier de music

I'll also be blogging about this soon

All of this readily available to him in many corners of our home


Autumn baskets / Panier d'automne

as seen here

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