Sunday, 17 April 2011


In a house setting it is clear that practical life activities are definetly my kid's favorite. I know that when they are at school, they each have other preferences, but here, practial life has a head start on anything else I have prepared for them. I think it is because it is the real thing. No trays, no special setting, they are really living what they are learning, amongst adult, real tasks.

Cleaning is something we have allowed our children to do since they were really little. We started out by giving them just a damp cloth, and then providing them with a spray bottle of water, and then adding a little mild soap in it, to now having their very own cleaning caddy.

They have always loves helping around the house, and cleaning with us, but having a special cleaning caddy clearly makes cleaning experience ever nicer for them. In those moments where they have something else in mind them cleaning (the table for instance after dinner), the simple mention of cleaning caddy works like a charm to get those bottles and cleaning cloths working.

I found a plastic caddy at the dollar store. It is not really big, I think it was intended to be a cutelry caddy. I didn't want to have a nice wooden caddy for this as since it is meant to be used with soaps and water, it would wreack it anyways. I like it because it is lightweight, and easy to care for.

It contains : a spray bottle with a homemade cleaning product, a sponge, brushes, and a cloth

It lives under the kitchen sink, near a pile of cloth that are available for my children to use if they need to. It is also beside the polishing caddy thatwe use to care for our wooden things. I like that everything is together in a same post. So they are always ready to clean (and polish) when life calls for it.


  1. I love this idea. I am now on the look out for a caddy just like this. I also like the idea of a polishing caddy.

  2. I found this at my local dollar store. I think this is an easy piece to find. Do check out art stores too. They often cary this for art caddies.

    Good luck Kylie :)