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April Afterschoolers activities: 3-4 years old

We are starting our transition towards homeschooling :)
Nous commençons la transitions vers l'école-maison :)

I thought it would be a good idea to prepare activities at home to help transitionning from learning in a school (Montessori school) setting to a home setting. We always have been a home learning type of home, but I just want to add a little more to their experience of learning at home before the times really comes for us to start homeschooling.
J'ai pensé qu'il était une bonne idée de faire une transition vers l'école maison en préparant des activités comme il s'en fera lorsque nous auront officiellement commencé.

I think these activities could also be awesome for any parent wanting to implement Montessori activities at home with thier child, wheter they have preschoolers, or afterschoolers (montessori or not).
Je pense que ces activités pourraient être géniales pour des parents qui veulent implanter des activités Montessori chez eux, que ce soit avec des préscolaires, des enfants qui vont des des école, Montessori ou autre.

These are the activities that I have prepared for my daughter. She is 3 1/2, and attends a Montessori school. So they are afterschoolers activity, as I don't want to have "real Montessori activities" as I am not sure what she has and has not done yet.
Ce sont les activités que j,ai préparé pour ce mois ci pour ma fille de 3 1/2 an. Elle va présentement dans une école Montessori. Je ne voulais donc pas faire des activités Montessori officielles pour ne pas brouiller les cartes et la mélanger.

She is into colors, shapes and seasons. You'll se that her activities are largely influences by that:
Elle est intéressé par les couleurs, les saisons, et les formes et les activités ont été montés en fonction de ça:

Practical life/ Vie pratique:

Magnifying glass activity / À la loupe:

Nesting boxes/ Boite embricables:

Cutting on the line / couper sur la ligne :

She never gets enough of that. I got these particular sheets form a french blog. There is a nice progression in her work, it is super well made. If somebody knows where it is from, please, leave a comment :)
Elle ne se fatigue jamais de ça. Je ne me rappelle plus sur quel blogue j'ai trouver cette super progression de lignes. Si vous le savez, commentez :)

Glass beads transfering / Transfert de billes de verre:

The support is made with fimo clay. So it matches perfectly the glass beads. The tongs are two spoons like you would see in a restaurant. I feel it is a good challenge, and she loves it. It is different then regular tongs.
Le support est fait avec de la pâte fimo cuite. Les pinces sont 2 cuillères qui pince ensemble, comme dans les restaurants. Ça fait un nouveau challenge, et ça nous change des pinces ordinaires

Spooning floating objects / Ramasser des objets flottants à la cuillère:

I really like that the bowl has a closible lid so the activity is already set up.
J'ai pris un bol étanche, de cette façon, l'activité est toujours prète


Wheels of season / roue des saisons:
I cannot remeber when I got that. Obviously in french
Origine inconnue

4 seasons matching cards from Montessori for everyone Cartes d'association des saisons:

Clothing-season association game from Montessori for everyone / Association vêtements saisons:

Season matching game from A la douce / Jeux des saisons
super well made, in french. Definetly harder then the other season work she is doing. THis really recaps everything. Clothing, plants, outdoors...
Super bien fait, très complet et plus difficile que les autres jeux que j'ai trouvé.

Spring matching cards from Montessori for everyone:/ jeux d'association sur le printemps


shape association game./ Jeux d'association sur les formes
From Monthome. Just like a domino game, you have to match the shape of everyday items to the right forms in the hexagon. 6 pictures for each shapes, and a control of erros with the little line you see on the hexagon

Color matching game:/ Jeux d'association de couleur
I think it is from A la douce

Touch association game: / jeux d'association de toucher


We are reading these actually:
2 de nos lectures:

love the images in thise book and the information it contains. I love how we see the close up of animal skin or fur, it really makes a great guessing game. This one is in french, although I am sure something exist similar in english.
J'adore les close-up des peaux d'animaux. Super jeux de devinette!

Now all my french reading guest don't need a presentation for this book, but the english world does not know about Balthazar.

It is a series of french book made in the spirit of Montessori education. Help me do it myself (Aide moi à faire seul). This one is a book with sandpaper letters in it:

Balthazar et les lettres à toucher. Je ne crois pas que Balthazar nécessite une présentation ;)

in the french speaking world of Montessori, cursive letters are used primairly when teaching the alphabet. So this is basically a sandaper letter set in a book! SO we are currently starting to work with letters with her, without official Montessori presentations. And I don't fear of making a mistake or doing differently then what she is doing in school :)

There are other Balthazar book, one about numbers (like the sandpaper numbers) one about early calculations, about time, phonems... they are fantastic :)


Mozart is our compositor of the month.

Art Appreciation:

Van Gogh

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