Wednesday, 30 March 2011

A paper and pencil lover's room

Here is another corner of my house that have been transformed after my Playful spaces e-course experience. I wanted Pea to have a spot for writing, and working on his "paperwork" (he really is a paper type of guy. He loves to have important papers to attend to :) ) in his room. I think having a spot like that really foster independance, creativity and the love of writing, and that is totally intune with our philosophy.

A quick trip to Ikea finalized the list of things I needed to create this corner, as we already had many things on hand.

The desk was made a couple of years ago by Pea's grand daddy. We love it, I cannot say how this was one of the best gift my son ever received.

The buckets, wire basket and hardware all comes from Ikea (and so the paper in the wire basket ;)

The globe is a Montessori type of globe, mostly putting emphasis on continents.

At the left of his desk is a tempory binder and wooden paper holder until the shelves (on the left side of the photo in the nook) are made. This might take a little time though, so I was able to find a solution with him in the meantime to have his papers stored in the wooden container or in the binder.
When those shelves are made, they will be the home to his papers, trucks and vehicles and a few items my son loves.

The boat frame is a collage I made for him when he started to attend his Montessori school. His Montessori symbol is the boat, and he was so pleased to have a reminded of that in his room. I made this with scrapbooking paper and got inspired by a quilted work by Syko.

When we finished installing his writing center, the wire basket hosted Ikea paper my son got on our trip, but after a few days he finished "filling this paperwork", and asked me for his journal and other things. So we added a pencil sharpener, eraser, a ruler and his block crayons (not shown). I also left a empty hook hanging if he wants to add something there.

Behind his table is his bed and book basket that is sitting on a chair (near his slippers) until we find something more appropriate

there is an empty spot at the end of his bed, that is still a place in the work. It will most likely become a music nook.


  1. I'm so impressed w/ these lovely, thoughtful spaces. So different from our apartment!

  2. thank you

    They are so very fun to make and plan, and easier then I would thought possible!

  3. I love the thought and care you have put into your home! I have been battling with myself to organise my 13 month old's spaces , I have taken great inspiration from your blog ! thank you for reminding me to keep it SIMPLE!

  4. Thank you very much for your sweet comments! They are really appreciated!