Friday, 13 November 2009

frost and nesting...

THis morning we woke up to this:

Peanut was all excited when he opened his curtain.  "SNOW!" he shouted, and then he realized that it was frost and fog.  He was a little decieved, and yet at the same time hopefull, because these signs just SHOUTS winter is coming.

And we have been feeling it for a while, although the lovely weekend we had almost made me forget.  But yet, all my actions are unconciously directed in preparing the house for winter, nesting in basically.  Yesterday, I had an unexplanable urge to clean some cupbord in the kitchen, and get rid of the last plastic piece that were remaining (we are finally plastic free!!!), and today, I have so many plans in my head to get the house bettre, more livable, more welcoming and comfortable, I couldn't possibily all fit them in a month's time.  But, I still took the time, on my way back to driving Peanut to school, to stop and take the time to shoot some of these amazing scenes.

Rhythm, we always try to achieve it, but somehow, it is already there, deep down in ourselves.  Without realizing it, we live by the seasons, and do thing that might seem so random to us, that we do not consider them to be part of a rhythm per se.  But I think this exactly what it is.  And if we just follow ourselves, our reaction, our instinct, rhythm sneak up on ourselves.  We are being of repetition and routine.  We have always been, and we will always be.  No wonder why children strive this so much.

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