Thursday, 20 January 2011

The discovery basket - kitchen

Today I have set up his first discovery basket. After a few day of exploring the basket by itself, he was showing signs of being ready to see more about this.

So for his first basket, I have put together things from the kitchen.

As he went through the different item of his basket, I named them for him.

He reached for the brush first, and kept coming back to it throughout the whole time. Those brushes have always been clear winner with my kiddos :)

We always do this activity seated. Although he is not completely stable yet, and I need to stay seated behind him for those time when he is not able to catch himself, I feel that it is a good exercice for him while he is concentrating on something else.

We have a period each day when we go together and joy explore the basket. I love this time with my son. I just TAKE the time to watch him discover and I think it is as magical for me, as it is for him. Looking at his eyes, his amazement, his questionning, I see it all in his face. He is learning about life, while I am learning about him

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