Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Lullabies...en français

My first post about french in our household.

We had a rough weekend. Illness sneaked it's way into our house, putting Peanut to bed the whole weekend. She fought really hard, and is back on her feet today. She really was needing us to be by her, and we sure would have needed a 3rd set of arms in order to be able to do it all. Signing was what help us through the day (and night for that matter...) and was maybe 1/2 a set of the extra arms we needed... We revisited so many songs that we don't go through, because we were getting bored signing the same ones over and over again... DH and I had fun throughout this, finding the oldies, the one we hadn't sing in a longtime, and ones we were sung to when we were ourselves children. (we even had a n unspoken competition to see which one of us would find "the" song, the one that was burried the deepest in mothballs ... we sure had fun at that!)

So, this made me think how interesting it could be to list the usual lullybies commonly sung in the french speaking world. I remember having a hard time, at first, finding it's conterpart in english when I started having kids. I learn engligh at adolescence, so needless to say, lullybies are not the first things that comes to mind to learn at that age...So here is the top 5 at home, with a link for lyrics, and the music if possible!

4. Le petit grain d'or : http://www.chansons-net.com/Tine/E938.html (can't say that I love this interpretation though...)

there is a lot more in that website, and on you tube as well, go ahead, research, listen, but most of all chantez!!!

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