Monday, 8 February 2010


Informations about homeschooling isn't something that is common around here, even less when we are talking Montessori homschooling.  But I have found that with a little search around the internet, some information do come up.

So this post is intented to be a list of the useful ressources that I have found here and there.  Of course, some informations are in french, and other in english, but I find that informations are way more accessible in english (or I have yet to find the french pot of gold.


Sew liberated / Former Montessori by Hand This is the first blog that really hooked me up on Montessori.  I love everything she does.

Montessori for everyone : Super interesting blog about homeschooling using the Montessori method, and also a store with many PDF files.


Montessori with a baby in french

Using Montessori at home from My Montessori house: some great information like a daily schedule, some DIY tricks,

Montessori for infant and toddler from My Montessori house: same author as previous, but this time intended for Toddler and infant.

A bit of this and of that: A montessori mom that talks of this and that.  And there is an awesome link page!

Beautiful sun Montessori

Secret of childhood: Blog roll is interesting

Adventure of a rainbow mama Waldorf and Montessori inspired

Homemade Montessori

Our Montessori Story

The learning ark

Montessori à la maison SOme great images of implementing Montessori in the house

Homemade homeschool : a mom just starting out...

Cultivating Dharma : some great links and info

Homeschool with Montessori: Homeschooling with older kids

École et cabrioles French bloging site

Montessori mom some good links


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