Monday, 15 February 2010

Montessori environment

Our house have been greatly inspired by the Montessori pedagogy since our kids were babies. It has evolved over the years, and got also inspired at some point by the Waldorf philosophy: simplicity, beauty...

Since our little 3rd one is on the way, we had to make a few rearrangments to provide a space for this new addition to our family. And since we only have 3 rooms, we hade to squeeze a little tighter.

So this weekend, we merge both my son's and daugther's room to give them ample time to get used to their new environment. Not an easy task nor for them, or for us, but I think we have managed out part fairly well. Now, they have to work theirs.. ;)

So here is their new room, as you will see, very Montessori inspired.

My son's area:

My Dd's area


Chair useful when dressing up right now

Hooks for clothes and school bag

the music area. An old radio and a basket of CD's underneath the table. They spend much time round it just listening to music. I am trying to set up a similar environement in the "classroom" but with composer music, and 3 part lessons.

Plate to put outdoor finds in it

I have 2 carpets in there for quiet activities that are done on the floor.

the only thing lacking right now are art on the walls. They each had their own set of art, but I am finding that I have a hard tme merging that together. So I am still working on my ideas, and will add to that later.

Bathroom area:

Kitchen cupboard

there is a couple of things missing that are in the diswasher...a small pitcher, a couple of plates..

But they have everything at hand to be able to serve themsevles a snack, or set the table. At the far end of the lower shelve is DS's lunchbox for school days. So he can help prepare his own lunch

I am right now working on the classroom area downstairs, and a small place upstairs to put the material for some practical life activity to be done around mealtime (cleaning, setting up dinner, table...)

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