Wednesday, 11 November 2009

pretend kitchen

Peanut and Pea were given the opportunity to play with a pretend kitchen not so long ago.  And unsurprizigly, they loved it.  When I am cooking, they usually are by my side, or at least, not too far away to be able to participate in the process

you get the idea... ;)

When we came back home, I started to think some way to have some kind of a kitchen for them.  I didn't want to go ahead and buy anything, I wanted something that could be made out of what we had.  Recycling and repurpusing is very dear to us.  And one morning, I found it.

We were about to give a way a buffet.  Both DH and I hate it, and we were not able to find a spot for it into the house.  So I took the head off, luckily, it was the same dimension then an old table that we kept downstairs for the kids to play with.  It was a perfect match.  I used some pots and pans we had in our kitchen that we were not using anymore.  Got them 6 wooden eggs, and a couple of wooden veggies, and the rest is history.  This things gets LOADS of love...daily

Sorry there is very little light where the kitchen is and so it was difficult to get a good and clear shot if it.

with some flash (and Pea cooking an omlette)

the best toys are definetly free!


  1. Hello there! I'd love to add you to the W.I.P. list and have you join in the fun with us - but which blog do you want me to use? This one or Une Souris Verte? Just let me know & i'll have you added in no time!

  2. love your kitchen!

    just be happy, that's all...

    coming from Passionate Blogs, have a great day! I think I'm "bloggyblocked", can't put my thoughts into words so I'm going to show some bloglove and go comment-crazy instead!

    have a great day!

  3. this one. It is the one I use now :)

  4. Hi there!
    I have just found your blog, and I love it. I can identify so much with your natural simple way of parenting, and yes - we've been also lucky enough to find out about Montessori. The play kitchen is beautiful, and of course, recycling and repurposing are very dear to our hearts too.
    Nice to meet you!