Tuesday, 10 November 2009

THE find of the month...

I have been browsing for a while to find a one piece pattern for a pinafore.

I love pinafore.  They cover a dirty shirt, and just give some pizzaz to an outfit.

After looking, and looking some more, I stumbled upon this which came out of this book.  I checked at Amazon, to find a used copy that was 0.01$.  Yes, you read well...I thought that there would be some kind of preoblem with it to be so cheap, that some masters would be missing or something, but hey, what not give it a try?  And so I did.


After our daily trip to the PO, I received this:

it is in mint shape.  The pages are clean, the binding is strong, no turned corner...and all the masters ARE there :)

I got the pattern I wanted:


and a bonus I never thought I would have.  I was looking for a pilot cap pattern, and guess what :


all the patterns looks easy, they are well explained, this is by far, my best find this month!


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