Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Christmas color matching activity

Kate's blog An Everyday Story is chock full of inspiring ideas.  But this one has been tempting me the most for a while. (do yourself a favor, and visit her blog!)

On the same day we got our Christmas tree, we had to go at the hardware store.  I couldn't pass up the opportunity, the moment was perfect.

Just after setting up the tree, I got the paint chips out.  They attracted both X and M right away.

I like how it triggered discussions about their guess at what was the closest green, but also which was their favorite shade, and what was the difference between them (more yellow, more blue...)

I was hoping it would eventually slide towards a test of trying to reproduce the said colors, but it has not happened yet.  I think my invitation might not have been clear enough.
I'll give it a new try soon.

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