Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Where the drawing morning led us to

One thing I have taken from Lori's book Project Based Homeschooling, was that it is a good thing to let a project hanging on.  This allows the child to come back to it and add over time, bringing fresh ideas and new input.

Seeing the spontaneousness of yesterday's project, I thought it was a good time to put this recommendation to use.

And you know what, many things happened.

Some stamping was done

Games were invented and played (keeping E busy while we were working on school stuff)

And we even had our first glimpse of Christmas(...as per request) amongst the drawing of swimming pool (see the round thing in the picture above...  I guess X is still in summer, and truthfully, so am I!)

items were added at any times of the day, according to the current inspiration

And cooperation was learned during this time, as everybody had to work on the same canvas.  Tears were shed, and new ideas came from them, making this drawing even more interesting to look at.

And after a long day of drawing and collaborating...

I heard the rustling of paper few minutes ago.  Still in pyjamas, sleepy eyes not yet completely opened, another drawing is on the way with old ideas and completely new ones.

I wonder where this one will go. (and right now, I even hear some maths going on, namely multiplications!  Indeed, I cannot wait to see!)

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  1. So much happens when they have to time to explore, doesn't it? I try to keep activities out for as long as their interest is held. Quite often they will do something which will lead us in another direction that, had I put the activity away, would never had happened.

    I am really enjoying reading about your Reggio and PBH experiences :D