Sunday, 25 November 2012

Tactile experiences, or exploring finger painting

One of the best recommendations that I had seen about implanting  Reggio inspired learning at home is to start by learning about the mediums that the child can use, and then, make them available at all times for further exploration by the child.

So I decided to start our art exploration by using a tactile medium, since it would be exciting for M, and much needed for E (he is still unsure about having his hands dirty...).

We started with a hand painting kit E got this summer, but that we didn't get to use before.

As anticipated, E started by exploring the paint with tools, not being fond of using his hands.

it took him a while to get his hands right in the paint, but since he say the 2 others do it, he finally gave in and tried it.  He didn't enjoy it all that much.  He was much more happier with tools.

M and X used everything at their dispositions, hands included.  X didn't stay long in his exploration, his rocket project was more interesting to him.

This week, we'll do finger painting again, except this time, I won't offer tools to see if E will engage nonetheless.  We'll also try different kinds of papers (textured, or glossy) to see how the paint slides and cover on each type of paper.

I plan on putting together many tactile activities for E in the next weeks.

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