Wednesday, 26 September 2012

trust will lead the way - it's working

He is ready...!

HE told me today.

Quite in an unusual way, I admit, but still, the message was loud and clear.

It took the form of
"Mommy, I want to go back to school next year, in 2013"

Me, a little shocked" well, do you rather go back this year?"

Him: "NO!!!, just next year, and then I'll be homeschooled again"

it was the perfect opening for a discussion about his expectations, and how we'll go about with homeschooling.  I managed to set a "schedule" with him, a rhythm I should say, with ample time for project time, sports and outdoor time.

I can see with this discussion though that he is still in the mindset of waiting for somebody to pour information over him instead of being in charge of his learning.  This morning, he got the map material out, and proceeded to work on the South America map, and since we don't have a control chart, he used a world map to control his work.  He also decided, spontaneously, to read a book to his brother.  But obviously, this for him, was not work.  I am not sure yet how I'll change his mindset about this, but I guess I just need to be patient and believe.

So I guess being patient and waiting does pay off.  Obviously, in my case, boring him was the solution to have love learning again ;)  All jokes aside, I understood today that he is able to do more then I thought.  I have been looking more into Waldorf and delayed academics, thinking that it would be gentler for him after what he has gone through, but he made it clear that he is ready for more, right now.

Truth be told, I feel the pressure is on me now.  I know I shouldn't feel this way. And anyways, that I should be transfering the responsability of learning to rightful owner; him.  But I want to change his perception of what homeschooling is.  Right now, it was not up to his expectations, but it managed to bring him where I wanted him to be:  passionate to learn again.  I just don't want to let him down.

Now, let's see where this leads us to!


  1. Very exciting! I plant to homeschool my kids and totally understand the pressure feeling you feel. I am still excited though. I can't wait to hear how it goes =)

    - Sarah

  2. That is great! Happy homeschooling next year!
    gold coast montessori

  3. Whether he sees it as work or play, he is learning. May we all be blessed with the perception of life as all play and exploration!

  4. Hi

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