Thursday, 2 August 2012

Present for a 2 yo

Birthdays for 2012 have come and pass.  I now have a 7 yo, (with another lost tooth!), a 5 yo, and a 2 yo.
Life goes just too quickly.

Choosing a present this year for X and M was easy, but I have to admit that for E (2), it was harder.  I don't know why, maybe because we already own the basic 2 yo things.  But I really had to look and look.  I had many ideas, but that were more geared for the 3 yo crowd.  Yes, next year will be VERY easy!

But I finally settled  for this, which was my first choice (before I changed my mind a zillion times).

And am I ever happy!

E LOVES it.  he plays with it everytime he sees it, day or night (yes, he actually woke up one night, and played with it before coming to join us in our bed!)

Right now the thrill is to put the pegs, and have them tumble down.  He can repeat this over and over again.  But as an added bonus, he is starting to recognize numbers.  He is not at a stage where he can internalize this, but he is able to do recognition work.  I was impressed.  But again, at this point, that was not my principal hope, I just wanted him to have fun with the mechanical part of this toy. check.

*** Of course, how could I forget to name this toy, and link you to where I took it.

It is the Tumble Down couting pegs toy.

VERY well made, super sturdy!  THis is built to last.

Sorry all, now, you have all the informations! :)

I'll take about X's present tomorrow.  That is another complete HIT!


  1. Hi! Could you share where you found that toy?

    Thanks! Looks super fun!

  2. This looks great! Where did you get it?

  3. That looks so cool! Where did you find it?

  4. I'd love if you would share the name of this and where you found it. It's lovely.

  5. Sorry y'all, all the infos you are looking for have been added to the bottom of the post :)

  6. i love the cake oh and the toy looks great too!

  7. I've always loved this toy. It's actually much bigger than I imagined. What a fantastic way to learn numbers.

  8. Jo: thank you! The boys LOVED the cake as well :)

    Kylie: Yes, it is not a tiny toy, and not flimsy for one bit. I really am completely happy with it, it is indeed a fantastic way to learn numbers!
    Highly recommended :)

  9. I have loved this toy too but wasn't sure about the size or the quality. It is a lot bigger than I thought too. For the price it really is a great toy isn't it? I think I might have to put it on the wish list for Sarah's birthday next year.

  10. Kate: It IS a fantastic toy. I'm completely satisfied with this, and so is E.