Friday, 24 August 2012

back to school...

We are just back from a much needed summer vacation, and yes, already, back to school we are.  I officially started yesterday back at work, M started school this morning, and X well, as you all know, is not starting officially.  I am pretty much ready to start with him at the exception of a few little details.

We had a great vacation time, we camped both in tent setting and cabin setting in remote areas, which was much needed for a soul cleasing.  This time away from everything gave me the strength I needed to come back to all of this.  The kids loved every minute of it.  They took it all in, the sounds, the nature, the time to rest, the perfect opportunity to enjoy the surrounding and play play play.  I have always tried to support the importance of imagination and open ended natural material for play, and I have to admit that they amazed me in what they came up with, with the little they had around them.  I feel like all this had work , of being mindful and selective of their toys, of the choices we made paied off for them.  I don't remeber seeing X as relaxed and calm as he was on that trip.

I have to admit though that I am a bit (lot) anxious to start, a bit (lot) nervous to put both feet in officially, and yet hopeful that everything will eventually turn beautifully.  I'm sure I'll laugh at this once I am grounded in my homeschooling life.

So stay tuned for this new chapter!  should be exciting (at least for me...).

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  1. Very exciting times lie ahead! Can't wait to have a sneaky peek into your daily homeschooling life! We are homeschooling too - My big boy is 6 and a half, and my littly is almost 2 and along for the ride...