Friday, 15 June 2012

This new change of ours...

Well, now that it is officially official, I might as well say it.

We'll be a homeschooling family starting next year.

X has some health issues that made us go this way, nothing serious mind you, but just enough to cause him a lot of anxiety at school.  He his glad his year is finally over, and he is relieved to know he won't have to go through this again next year. (and this mama is very relieved to see her big little boy feeling this way...)

I am excited, and stressed out, and hopeful, and scared all at the same time.  I hope to be able to manage, to do it, and to have fun!

Needless to say, since we have taken this decision, I have been swamped with things to take care of.
I have been reading, and making, and thinking, and planning...

I have been working very hard at getting caught up with emails, which I think I am at this point.  Now I have to tackle all the interesting comments you have made lately.  I want to thank you for being here, and commenting, it means the world to me.

Stay tuned, I'll have a LOT of thing to talk about, planning, and thinking, and making, and reading...

Maintenant que c'est officiel, je peux me permettre de le dire!  
À partir de l'an prochain, nous entrons dans les rangs de l'école maison! 

X a quelques pépins de santé qui lui cause une bonne dose d'anxiété à l'école.  Et en attendant que nous réglions cette situation, nous aurons la chance de nous mettre l'orteil dans le bain.  
Je suis excité, anxieuse, apeurée, et pleine d'espoir tout à la fois.

Depuis que cette décision a été prise, ma vie est un tourbillon qui n'arrête pas.  Je lis, je pense, je fais, je vrai vie d'école maison.

J'ai travaillé très fort à répondre à tous les merveilleux courriels que vous m'avez envoyé.  Je vous en remercie.  Je dois maintenant m'attaquer aux commentaires.  merci de prendre le temps de participer, c'est très apprécié!

Alors restez avec moi si vous le voulez bien, j'aurai bien des choses à dire...a parler, penser, faire, planifier...


  1. Congratulations on making it formal! We haven't formally told our family yet, it's been mentioned in passing but I don't think they will really believe us until the time comes for Jack to officially start school. Homeschooling is not a popular choice here in Australia. People have a lot of questions and concerns but we are confident that we are making the best decision for our children. I like that we are on a similar journey. I always enjoy reading your posts and feeling such a sense of comfort and inspiration.

    Kate xx

  2. Kate, I can tell you it is not very popular here either, but I also believe it is the best choice FOR US.
    I indeed think we are on a similar journey. Which makes it more fun to think we are not alone! :) (and fun to get inspired by other who lives similar things!)

  3. I'm sure everything will be OK. I'm looking forward to reading your posts about this new adventure.

  4. Wow, that is a very impressive step that you are taking. Bold, courageous, I wish you all the best and I am sure it will all go well. Looking forward to reading how things are going. I do not think I would consider this an option for myself and my kid(s) as I am not discplined enough, but I do think that homeschooling is something that some children need :)
    Summer holiday for now anyway I suppose. Hope you'll have a good time!

  5. Given what I've seen here on this amazing and creative space you are a natural homeschooler and you will adore it. Not to say it isn't tough at times worth it : )

  6. Thank you everybody for your comments! I am very flattered.