Wednesday 28 March 2012

using the letter pouches

They have been finished for a while now, and the kids have had the time to play with them a lot.  

They are intended to be used just like an alphabet box.   But again, each of my little ones is using them for their own purpose.

E (20 months old)

He loves to empty and fill the pockets.  But I think his biggest pleasure is to explore what is in there.

Since he is in a very verbal state, he often asks me the "name" of the letter, and so I sound the letter he shows me to his great pleasure.  I often hear him saying sound now.

M 4 1/2 yo:

She is the one I had in mind when making this.  And she is using it the way I had in mind.

She gets a couple of pouches out, explore what is in them, sounds all of the words of the items. There is usually 5-6 items in each bags.   She loves it.

She is also using them as sensory pouches.  When I make a rotation of what is in there, she loves to find out what they contain by trying to guess what she is touching.  Of course, she has a good clue (the first letter) but it sometimes still hard.  This is such a fun game!

She LOVES looking at all the letter at the same time, she loves touching them (she is working very hard on her sand paper letters recently), she traces the  letters frequently.  I know she is wishing for these to be stored in her room. She asked me several time.

X 6 1/2 yo:

He loves to participate in the guessing game too.  But what he mostly does with those is to practice writing.  He gets an item out, and write it's name on a small piece of paper.  
He has also started to ask me to make a kind of a grammar game with it. (Mommy, this is LA souris, and LE saxophone right?,  La souris est AU DESSUS du saxophone...)  So I can see that is use of it will change soon

I cannot wait to be able to fetch a long piece of wood to hang them on there. I'll need to wait a little bit more until the wood has finally dried.  That leaves me a little time to figure out where they will be hanging 


  1. I LOVE this! Thank you for showing us the variety of ways it's being enjoyed. How do you find the time to make these things? Another favorite blogger of mine admits that her husband takes their 2 kids on a 2 hour hike every day and that's when she gets fun stuff like that done. Is your husband or extended family entertaining the kids every day/week?

  2. I'd love to make something similar for my daughter. She is not old enough for it, but I want to take my time to do it. Where did you buy the miniatures from? I live in Spain and it is quite difficult to find such things around here or on the Internet. Most of the site which sell these are American and the shipping costs are quite high.