Friday, 23 March 2012

comment testing

I have had loads of comments about the difficulty some of you are having leaving comments.

I have been trying to find the source of this for a while, and have not been successful yet.  My last idea is that the commenting system of the old layout was not the problem.

SO now that I am using a blogger layout, can you please tell me if commenting is easier now or not by leaving a comment, or sending a e-mail (if commenting is impossible)

thank you very much for your cooperation!


  1. Hi Neptune, I'm checking your comment system. It seems to be working fine. I love the new look. Your site looks wonderful, bright, attractive and user friendly. I've been loving receiving your posts via email too.

  2. Also wanted to say your site is loading heaps faster too!

  3. Thanks Kylie for your comments

    These are definitely added bonus as I have done to change that specifically (not knowing what I should do)

    thanks for the feed back, I am glad it is working better!

  4. Hi i think i know the prob. previously i was not able to leave a comment as well until i created a google account then only was i able to post one. hope this helps