Tuesday, 14 February 2012

E's toddler room

Life has been going faster then I have.  BUt after a few days/weeks of trying to be on top of things, I am finally getting there.  Only to know that I'll have papers to grade starting next week...ugh.

Talking about trying to catch up, I'm almost caught up with replies.  Thanks for your patience!

Today I felt like giving you a tour or E's room.  Now that we are well into toddlerhood, I had to adapt his room to his newly acquired skills, and trust me, the acquisition of skills goes faster then the response I am producing.  After he started walking last september, his development has taken strides that have left us speechless.

The first and big change that we needed to make was to have E sleep in a child size bed.

He has been able to climb into our *very* high bed for months now, and so having a bed off the floor was just the natural next step for him.  He loves it.  He climbs easily in it, he loves to go at any moment of the day to just sit in it.  I have found myself countless times, since this bed has made it's appearance here,  looking for E through out the house because he was making no noise whatsoever, and more then half the time, I found him there, sitting in his bed with a book.  (let's not talk about the other half of the time shall we?)
The non matching green blanket that is on his bed is the blanket he has chosen himself.  It is a woollen that we used to have at home when I was a child.  I have no idea why he loves it so much, but it was clear that this was the blanket he wanted on his bed.  So we respected his decision.  He sleeps only with this blanket (he HATES being covered, he despise it really) and so bed making is rather easy.  I would like at some point to only have a big comforter on the beds of my children so bed making would be easier.

The dressing area was also redesigned

I added a shelf in the module so that I could have a space for diapering material, without interfering with his dressing area.  it works well so far.
The other thing that I add and that we both love is the mirror.  It is big enough so he can see himself, it is at the right level and he loves to look at himself in it while we are dressing up.
In the drawers I have all of his clothes, and in this dressing are (the side with the rod) I usually get out 2 outfits, and he chooses the one he want for the day.  I always leave a pair of indoor shoes (padraigs) at his disposal, and also a woollen vest in case he is cold.  The vest is being currently used to learn to put on and off the hanger.

The reading nook is still there.

this was something I had set temporarily until I had find a better seating solution for this area.  But I have yet to find the said seating solution, and every time I have tried something else, E was very upset about it.  SO obviously he is happy with this arrangement.  He has a strong preference for the orange pillow, which he always asks for if I sit by it by mistake.  He truly loves this nook.

And finally his activity area has evolved according to him

New material, new set of images.
I am planning to soon change the shelving setting.  I would like to use this as a bedside table in order to have a shelving system that would provide a little more space for material.
Kylie has posted this yesterday, which is fabulous and that is not too far away from here :)

She has also posted about the shelf she uses for Otis, which I have adored from the first moment I saw.  But this one is a little far away... I might use it as an inspiration for a 3 shelf high module though.

And of course the Oeuf mini library remains high on my list, but I have to admit that I am put off by the price...
so we'll see

Have a good valentine's! :)


  1. I love this bed and the wardrobe. Can you tell me where you got them/how you made them?


  2. The bed and wardrobe are Ikea products.
    THe wardrobe is part of a line that isn't sold anymore, but their have a replacement called Stuva.
    For the bed, it is Ikea also, but I bought it second hand. Again, there are small size bed for sale, although they are not exactly the same.
    Craiglist are perfect to find used items from Ikea :)

    I hope that helps you out!