Friday, 20 January 2012


Many of you asked me to talk about E.  So the next few posts will be dedicated to him.

I'll start by talking about his new favourite book

It is a book that I gave E during the holidays.  I found it at a local library at the last minute, right before leaving for the holidays.  I thought it was well made, but I never thought it would be such a hit.

This is the first side of the pages.  I like the graphics, the vivd color, and simple text.

But the cool part is this:

so many possibilities!  Perfect for matching games.

What you see on the last picture is an activity I set up for him one afternoon this week.  I used his stacker, and combined it with the book.

I had him match the rings of his stacker to the colors of the book.  We had loads of fun doing that activity over and over again during the day.  And he has been asking me for it everyday ever since. (he gets the stacker out, he gets the book out, loud and clear honey, loud and clear...)

I decided to take a step further to this game, and create color boxes.  I started with the primary colors, but the secondary will soon follow.  E has already started to use them with the book.

They all contain different objects of the said color.  E can manipulate everything in there freely.  The boxes are easy to open and close, another activity E craves for right now.

His abilities are really exploding right now.  I am amazed every single day at the things he suddenly does (out of nowhere it seems!)

Do you have any favourite game regarding colors with your toddlers?  I'd love to have some more fresh ideas!


  1. These are great. We're also doing a lot of primary color activities. Our daughter will be 2 in April and so I have yet to give her a formal "lesson" the primary colors. For now I'm presenting them to her so that she gets the indirect impression of them and hears their name used (red, blue, yellow). A few days ago I put out 3 pipe-cleaners (in each color) and 3 large wooden beads (also in primary colors) on a tray with a carton to hold the beads. Eva loves to explore the material and has yet to understand bead threading.

  2. You now I have yet to do some formal teaching too. I just matched the colors to the book, and he picked it up himself afterwards. I think that I would have putted him off if I had decided to really push my idea of teaching something here. I think by letting them explore material the way they want to, it makes sense to them faster anyways. This might not be too much of a Montessori thought, but it sure applies to my kiddos! :)

  3. I love these colour boxes! My little one is almost a year, so im starting to read up on toddler activities right now. This looks like it would be a lot of fun.