Wednesday, 16 November 2011

How X learns - tuesday

Tuesday is our crazy busy day.  I always dread that day, because I feel that there is not enough time for interesting things and opportunity to learn for my children.  We are busy, we run around, and we do not have the time to be, to see, to learn to breathe.

But trying to look further for X's pattern of learning made me see something that I often take for granted in a new way.

I asked him to choose a book for us to read before bedtime.  As usual, he went through the pile of books near his bed, only to get out his current favourite, a book about the universe:

He flipped through the page to a certain passage he wanted me to read...again...
I was kind of surprised that he wanted to go through this again, since we have been reading this chapters for more then a few nights now, but I just followed his lead. It is a chapter on the phase of the moon.

This particular chapter has been very interesting to him, and seeing how it fascinated him, I even suggested that we could make a log calendar of the actual phase of the moon

a project that he LOVES.  I found a moon log, complete with a chart of the different phase of the moon.  I sticked the chart in the window in which we usually see the moon before we head to bed.  He has religiously made all the entries in his log since it got there, not forgetting even one night.  But we have not been blessed with clear skies too often...

To go back to our book,  I read the pages he asked me too, not once, not twice, but 3 times.  And something clicked for him.  He got up, went upstairs, looked at the chart, and came back down gleaming with pride, and told me: so tomorrow, the light will be half full, to the left.  He wished me good night and told me that I could leave him to sleep (much to my amazement I must say!)

Repetition and reading before bedtime is not be forgotten as basics of learning!

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