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Preschooler closet

Français au bas

DD's room.  This has been a project for a while.  For some reason, it kept sliding down on my to-do list.  But this week, I finally manage to make it a priority to organize her closet properly.  She has always had closets that were organized for her to be independent when dressing up, and I was looking forward to be able to giver her that again.
She was so happy to have finally found her entire independence, that the first morning after we finished, she got upstairs at 6:30 am all dressed up to join us in bed.  (6:30 AM people, this is way too early!)

Her closet is *really* narrow.  It made it quite a challenge (a pain in the ...really) to organize it for her.  But we finally manage to make it work with what we had on hand.  It is not perfect, but I think it respects her need for independence and order.

Yes, we are in the pink phase.  So I hope I won't get you dizzy with all the pink :)

So here it is:

Keep in mind that M is 4 yo, and is completely independent in dressing herself up, and she has been for a while.  She is also able to fold her clothes or hang it up.

I'll break it down to you

1. The hanging side:

This side is for dresses and anything that requires hanging like her bathrobe.
She has hangers for all of her clothes with a little excess so we never run out of them.  (yes, we are currently transitioning to pink hangers...ah!... little girls)
There is a space under for shoes.

2. The folding side:

Sorry, I should have removed the stool before taking the picture...

So this is the folded side.  She has 2 big basket on top of the shelf, one for pants, and the other for shirts.

Then, under, she has a basket for undies, one for socks, and the middle pile is her clean pj's

Taking about the stool, that brings me to the higher part:

3. The drawer part:

This part is made out of a Ikea shelving from the trofast line.  It was used before as cubbies to store books and toys when she was a toddler.  This module is fixed to the wall over the rod.  

All the baskets are identified with the content.  Since M is learning to read, I have not (intentionally) id'ed her basket with images, but with words.    As you can see there are 2 colors identifying the basket.  
The bins id'ed with the purple color are seasonal items: ex. long johns, and tights. (things we will need soon...sob).  The little folded pile on the left hand side is her bathing gear.  (we swim often) (why no bin?  I used it for the socks...until I find something else)

The bins identified with the red color tag are her doll's accessories:  diapers, clothes and pj's, all neatly folded in their drawers.  She loves to have her doll stuff in her closet.  It feels neat and organize she says.

On the top of the shelves, we have a basket with accessories (head bands, scarfs and so on), woolens in the middle, and on the right hand side of your screen, a basket and a suitcase for playing with her doll.

Since this module is just a little out of her reach, the stool is permanently placed in front of her closet to comfortably have access to the higher parts.

The higher part of her closet (not shown) has 2 shelves The first one has baskets for the clothes rotation (one for the things that needs to be given away, and one for the things that is a tad too large), and a basket for the bigger doll accessories she needs (doll blankets, sleeping bag and so on).  The higher shelf is use to store extra linens.  She doesn't see what is on that shelf, it is way too high.

And you, how did you manage to organize your little ones closets?  Any tips you feel like sharing, I'd love to hear!

Ça faisait un bail que j'espérais avoir le temps d'organiser le garde-robe de ma fille, mais pour toute sorte de raisons, ça n'arrivait jamais.  
J'ai finalement eu le temps d'organiser le tout cette semaine, au grand bonheur de M qui retrouve son indépendance  complète au moment de s'habiller.

Son garde-robe est extrêmement étroit, ce qui rendait sont organisation compliqué.  Mais nous avons réussi à le faire avec ce que nous avions sous la main.

Gardez à l'esprit que ma fille est complètement indépendante pour s'habiller, et qu'elle est capable de plier et accrocher ses vêtements seule.

Alors, voilà, je vous présente:

1. La section suspendue:

c'est pour les robes et autres choses qui doivent être sur des supports comme sa robe de chambre.  Elle a tout les supports nécessaires pour accrocher ses vêtements.

2.  La section  pliée:

Elle a une petite étagère sur laquelle il y a 2 panier:  un pour les chandails, et l'autre pour les pantalons.  En dessous, il y a un panier pour les bas, les sous-vêtements, et dans le milieu, ce sont ses pyjamas propres.

3.  Les tiroirs.
c'est un ancien module trofast de Ikea que nous avons suspendu au dessus de la pole.  Celui-ci contient des panier pour ranger ses choses.
Les paniers identifiés en rouge sont les panier contenant les choses de sa poupée. (elle adore avoir les choses de sa poupée dans son garde-robe) Ceux identifié en violet sont ses choses à elle (vêtements saisonier)

Sur le dessus, il y a un panier pour ses accessoires, 2 piles de chandails chauds, et à droite, ce sont panier et mallette pour jouer, accessoires pour sa poupée.

Il a y un banc en permanence devant le garde-robe pour lui permettre d'accéder aux tiroirs facilement (ils sont juste une touche trop haut)

Les panier sont identifiés avec des mots, puisque M apprend à lire.  Je n'ai donc pas mis d'images cette fois-ci.

IL y a 2 tablettes plus hautes dans le garde-robe (pas de photos), qui contiennent, des paniers pour la rotation de vêtement de M, et sur la plus haute, des draps supplémentaires.  Elle n'est pas en mesure de voir sur cette tablette là, c'est beaucoup trop haut.

Et vous, comment avez-vous organiser les garde-robes de vos petits mousses?

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