Thursday, 6 October 2011

14 months old activity: cleaning the table

I got my lego table in, now that autumn seems to really have settled around here.  I want to use it for E inside.

But once it got inside, I realized how it needed to be cleaned up.  And since E's been demonstrating signs of interest in cleaning for a while, I thought it was a perfect match

And it was!

I think this goes to show how it is not important that everything is perfect.  The right activity at the right timing is a lot more important then the perfect setting at the wrong time.  Would I have waited for the perfect fitting bowl to go in there, I probably would have missed a great window of opportunity for meaningful work and concentration.

I love how concentrated he was and was impressed at how careful his movements were while he was scrubbing away.

To set up a cleaning table you need:

A low table that can be scrubbed on
a tiny brush (the one E has comes from Micheal Olaf, and the size is perfect)
a shallow bowl for water
a towel

How did I do it?

I placed the bowl of water in the table and told E we were going to wash it.
I took the brush, wetted it in the bowl, and gently scrubbed the table saying "I am scrubbing the table".
Then I used the towel to wipe clean the table

After that I handed him the brush, asked him if he wanted to scrub with me and he just started to scrub away!

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