Thursday, 15 September 2011

Pretend play station

There is a room in out house that I use to hate.  This place is really big, it has got hard wood floors, and they are shiny and slippery (just like I loved as a child, perfect for sock skating).  Seems perfect right?   The problem? it is windowless.  And for a natural light freak like myself, this is just not good.  It was built as a home movie center.  But to dedicate an entire (and really big) room to TV really is just not thinkable for us (no, we don't worship TV here).  So really this room had no chance.

After hating it for a while, and then totally ignoring it,  (like if that is going to help) I have finally decided to make the most out of it.  It took me a LONG time before finding out what I could do with this room, and after reorganizing E'room, and being left with a piece of furniture that had no where to go, the lightbulb went on.  Since this room was built for entertainment, lets make it a room just for that.  And so came the idea of a performing art room.  After all, there are no windows in theatres and music halls.

The place is not completely organized yet.  I still have loads of work to do.  But the first part of my plan has been completed a while ago, and the kids love it.

So here is the first glimpse, the pretend play station:

I figured E's old "dresser" was just perfect to hang and organize all dress up material.  And yep, it does an amazing job.

 I left the hanging rod to hand dresses, capes, tunics, ballet suits, tutus and so on.

Under is a basket with all the accessories like flower necklaces, pompom, knight hood and so on.

The shelved part of the dresser is dedicated to props and accessories.

The first shelf contains 2 suitcases.  The first one contains accessories of all sorts, and the second one is empty.  It is there just to play with.

On the second shelf, there is a basket of play silks.  I find these are invaluable when pretend playing.  I would love to hang them on one side of the dresser at some point, but until then, they are in the basket along with playclips.

And the bottom shelf is the place for props.  Lately, X and M loves to play kitchen, and so every kitchen props are there.  But a few weeks ago, it was photographer props that were there.  (they love to play that too)  When I see the enthusiasm for pretend play starting to diminish, I change the prop, and usually it is all it takes to get them going again.  Up to now we have had knight stuff, playing mommy and daddy stuff, and paper work props.

On the side are the hats.  Right now there is a sorcer's hat and a chef hat. I'm pretty sure other will make their appearance soon.

On the other side, there is a bag that is hanging.  Again, it for play as they see fit.

Finally on top, we have a mirror for the kids to look at themselves while they are dressing up.  There is a low stool for M nearby when she needs to be higher.  X has no problem.

M's favorite crown is on top right now, and on the left side, the little suitcase, it is filled with little accessories I don't want E to grab, i.e. bracelets, necklaces and so on.

Right beside the dresser, there is a little bolga basket, again to be used as a prop for play.

Eventually, I want to hang curtains so that this pretend play station becomes more of a dress up station to play theatre. The way the room is built is perfect for that.  But in the meantime, it does gets loads of action, so it is all good.

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