Monday, 12 September 2011

Life really has it's own way....

does it?

I knew this month would be challenging.  I knew.
I knew we would struggle for a while until some sort of a new routine would settle in  I knew that too.
I somehow had the feeling that we might be taking on too much at the same time, and that we were diverging from our long term goals, from what we have on our family mission statement.
And yet, I pushed those feelings aside, and went on with the flow, still thinking that it was the best choices and the best thing to do.

Well, I guess life brought me back to my feelings rather abruptly and found a way to make sure that I was hearing them well.

After a challenging week of flu, I went back to work on tuesday, still not feeling well. The following night, I was admitted to the hospital with a sever otitis media, a bad inflammation of the middle ear, and 5 hours following  my discharge, the inflammation touched the inner ear, and the vestibular system, completely destroying (temporarily) my sense of balance.  THe vestibular neuronitis, which is what I was diagnosed with after 12 hours of being under the impression that I was in a non stop roller coaster, is a slow (SLOW SLOW SLOW) disappearing condition, (we are talking 3 to 6 WEEKS here), and nothing can be done to accelerate the outcome.

I am on week 2 of this condition, and honnestly, I feel like every day, I am taking one step forward, and 1/2 of a step back.
I am just starting to be able to read (and not for long) or do anything that I need to be able to focus.  Little bits every day.

Forget about the 2 day in bed flu that you are able to get back on track right after.  I guess I needed something longer to make sure that I really have time to live with my thoughts, and my thoughts only.  (for a couple of days, I couldn't open my eyes.the entire world was turning like a record baby...)

I guess the message is clear.  We need to slow down. check.
I am not sure yet on we'll do that, but it will be my challenge for the next few weeks.

I will resume posting shortly and slowly, as my ability will let me.

Sorry for the lack of posting, for the non replies to your comments and emails.

I guess life had something to say.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear that you've been unwell and that your recovery seems so far off. Sending our thoughts your way xxx

  2. I cannot imagine. I hope that your recovery speeds up and that your family are taking good care of you. Thank you for staying in touch.