Friday, 22 July 2011

vacation time....finally

Summer time has been here for a while, and we have been enjoying it as much as we can. But in a few hours, our vacations are finally here, and we all deserve every minute of it!

I'll be login off for an entire week. Then I will be back for one week before logging off for 2 additional weeks. We have so much to do at home, and I want to focus all of my time on my familyand the tasks we need to complete

If you are interested in participating in the read along, take your time to gather your material, we'll be starting this upon my return.

I hope that YOU are enjoying your summer too, and are able to find some time off to enjoy life and your family!


  1. Hello - new follower here. Your blog is lovely and I am constantly looking for Montessori inspiration for our almost-four-month-old.


  2. @Emily
    Hello and welcome!

    I am glad to have you here :)