Friday, 15 July 2011

Montessori read along?

ok then, let's go ahead. Kylie, don't sweat, I have to buy the books from the US, so that will take 2 weeks at the least to get it here. As soon as I have it on hands, I'll start the read along. So get you material ladies :)


Would anybody be interested in a Montessori read along? Her words are important, although sometimes not easy to read, and it would be interesting to have other people's thoughts about what she says.

I am interested in reading the child in the family, amongst all. But if somebody has something else to suggest, I would be absolutely interested to hear it.

Pour mes lecteurs français, j'ai terminer le livre de Jeannette Toulemonde, :"le quotidien avec mon enfant" et j'en ferai une revue sous peu.


  1. Count me in. Although I have just ordered four new Montessori books and Child in the Family wasn't one of them! I'll need a week or so to get my hands on the book!

  2. I just read this book and would love to participate with your read along.

  3. Yes yes yes! What a great incentive to get reading. I look forward to it :)

  4. My book has arrived. Ready when you are!