Tuesday, 28 June 2011


We love music here.

Dancing is always part of our day somehow, and signing always occurs during chores. I have always been surrounded by musical instruments as far as I can remember, which contribute to my love of music.
It is no wonder that I have set up a musical nook, with all the instruments that I have gathered over the year.

E was introduced to percussions a while ago when I made his music basket. And now, being a little older, I wanted to expend and let him play with other types of instruments, much to the delight of my 2 oldest that have been asking for them for a while (they were packed in boxes still). They have been introduced to these instruments before, and they have also seen them in their Montessori school

I got out the guitar, the violin, the xylophone and the saxophone (this one is really more for X and M, my 2 oldest)

E really enjoys the xylophone. This might be more in tune with his current motor skill development stage, but he was also fascinated with the strings of the guitar.

These are all old instruments that I have had forever. They are not all in great shape, but I like the fact that they can touch, try and see them when they are interested in doing so, really makes a interesting and hands on learning experience for them. My good guitar and other current instruments are kept out of their reach...for now

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