Wednesday, 8 December 2010

there are days like this...

when you just feel like not getting up in the morning because the night has been just too short

when you feel like you could stay in the shower for one hour and a half because that is the next best thing to being to bed (that is until there is no more hot water in the tank...)

when you just feel like curling in your living room all day in a rocking chair, knitting in hand, and not have to worry about anything else

when you would much rather just get hooked in a good book instead of having to put coat and boots to go shoveling the latest 15 cm of snow (!!!)

Where the only thing that would brighten this day is this:

still fuming right off the stove


Today is a day  like this

don't tell ;)


Receipe to a day like this

Whole milk

thick cream (10 or 15%)

vanilla bean split lenghtwise

cinammon stick

Chili infused dark chocolate

Dark 80% or more chocolate

honey to taste

Put cinnamon stick and vanilla bean in a saucepan.

Cover with milk and some cream (to make it thick, so go to taste.)

heat on low.

When about to boil, add chocolate by small pieces so they will melt, and stir

Add as much chocolate you want, I usually add 3/4 of a chocolate pack

Serve while hot on a day like this.

and enjoy!



  1. Hi, what a beautiful baby's bedroom you have, loving that mobile. cheers from New Zealand. Marie

  2. I absolutely love this post. I so relate to the sense of despondency -- just wanting to be cozy inside -- but I love how you turn it around and actually offer something tangible to cheer ourselves up.

  3. Rachel

    There are days where you just need this. Otherwise, it just becomes a disaster. And I now beleive that you are the only person able to turns things around!

  4. I could do with one of these right now.