Saturday, 27 November 2010

We are home!

AnD we finally have internet access! :)

After a very busy and crazy month of november, we are finally at our new house, in the process of making it our new home.

Stay tune for a tour soon!


  1. happy thoughts to you as you settle in:)

  2. I forgot, congratulations for your new home!

  3. I loved browsing your blog. Looks like we have both a little boy born around the same date (mine was born august 2nd)

    I love the last post about imitation. Does your 3yr old breastfeed her dolls as well?

  4. Bienvenue ;)

    Yes, my 3 yo does also breastfeed, although not as much as her brother. She rather wear her babies. She is just too cute to see.

    ON a side note, j'espère que la tempête ne vous a pas trop affecté!

    Thanks for visiting!