Tuesday, 8 June 2010


We haven,t had much time to spend in our classroom lately, but for the last 2 days, both DS and DD really wanted to go there. How can I say no to that?? And so we did. And somehow it made me felt so anxious.

DS is in a Montessori school, and has been for a year. He knows how things work in a Montessori environement, and I can see it rather easily compared to my almost 3 yo DD who will be entering next year. So I am expecting at this point to have to spend a lot of time with DD to help her learn how it work. She has not been normalized yet... But DS couldn't do a thing without me representing the work, and being near him. I had to interact with him more then I would have liked to. And of course, everytime I answered and helped him out after being asked, I kinda felt bad knowing that this is not the way things should be.

I love the Montessori method, I really do, but gosh sometimes I find it hard to follow on a homeschooling basis.

Being 33weeks pregnant, I am asking if the fact that I am not able to do as many things with them during the day because I am tired...is not a bit of the culprit for that. But then again, just imagine when baby will be here...

I try to remind myself that I will not screw my kid by answering, and not following M to a T, but then again, am I?

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