Monday, 29 March 2010

Book review

I have 2 that I have read a while ago, but while rearranging my shelves, I stumbled upon, and couldn't not reopen them.

These books are introductory books for the Montessori pedagogy. But even though I am passed this, I am still happy to have them on my shelves.


this book is written by ALine D. Wolf.

It is a fable for parents, to try to put them in their's child's shoes. A daddy, that is not very patient, while being at fair with his family, goes into a weird house, where everything is oversized for him, and he is treated with no reagards over this situation. He finally understand what it is being a child is in this world which is often not tailored to their needs.

It is very short, 50 pages, with images, and big writing. You can easily go through this in one sitting.

but for a parent who has not been made aware, it carries a very powerful message. Definelty a book that stays on my shelves for the days where I have a hard time understanding my kids...


Again, a book by Mrs Wolf

THis book is meant to be an introduction for parents who are about to send their child to a Montessori school. It is a soft cover book of again about 50 pages resuming what happens in a classroom. It is heavily illustrated with pictures of the material and a short explaination of how it works.

A great ressource for parents who are not familiar with the method and who wants to know what their kids are doing all day long in school, and be able to discuss with their kids about their day and the work they did (and actually understand...). I have to admit that being a visual person, while I was trying to introduced myself to the method, when I was reading about a piece of material, and I was having a hard time picturing it, it really did help. And the bonus with this, DS LOVES to look at it. He still does regularly, and talk with us about what he has done at school with the material that he sees being pictured. This has been a started for some great conversations with him.

After opening it to take a pic, he couldn't actually put it down, He went through it again, from front to back!

So overall, 2 books aimed at the people that are not familiar with the Montessori method, but in which I have found great information.

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