Sunday, 4 November 2012

My doer is back

Well, 2-3 months into deschooling, and I think I can safely say now that I have found my son again.

I can now breathe a sigh of relief.

I got confirmation of that yesterday during the photo session of his karate class.  He was the ONLY child, in all of the 40 children that got their pictures taken before him, to question the photographer about his camera, the flashes and all of the photographic material that was there.  Yep, this felt finally like my son.  More interested into understanding how things works then having his picture taken for karate cards.

I saw signs before, many of them actually, that lead my to think that we were getting there
And now they are leading me to think that just letting go was the best decision I have ever taken for my child.

Now his interest are blossoming in so many things.  And I don't need to ask, I just have to look at what I find in the house lying around.  A guitar, a ball of yarn attached to a knitting tower, finger string book, anything karate, letters written for members of our family waiting to be posted...the list can be quite lengthy.  There is not a day that he doesn't come to cook with me, and even READS THE INSTRUCTIONS!!! :)

He is creative again, and his imagination is flourishing.  He needed that.  We all needed that.

I don't plan on  doing anything formal until Christmas that is.  I think the month of december will be used for the preparation of it.  Seeing his interest in getting ready for Halloween brought me to this decision.

And truthfully, I don't know when I'll start something formal.  I have to admit that my experience is leading me to believe in a more delayed approach to schooling.
Looking at X, he is busy, learning that is.  But not learning whatever is being learned in school.  He is busy learning what matters to him, and he is taking all means necessary to do that, whether it is reading or writing, or counting.

In the meantime, we play games, do handiwork, laugh, read and live.  And for now, it is all he needs.


  1. Yah! :) I'm glad that the process is going so well. And yah for your little man! You're doing an awesome job, mama!

  2. So pleased that you are all finding your way. I think often of you and your children...
    How brave you are and how lucky they are to have a mum who can wait for them to be ready :)

  3. It is fantastic that he is coming back to his old self :) I guess he will learn "school stuff" soon enough. When his time comes, he will ask. Maybe (since he can read) you can leave around the house some books about History, Geography etc. He might just want to pick them up by himself :)