Friday, 23 March 2012

The fresher look

After months of trying to find the perfect cursive font to use for activities here and for the blog, I have given up, and finally gave some kind of a form to this little corner of my world.
It is not yet perfect, I'll probably be making adjustments over the next few days again, so excuse the wonkiness at times.
The colors are basically the ones in E's room.  I'm wondering if it means that I am spending too much time in there?

How do you like it so far?  I'd love to have your feedback!
(and is you know of a really nice cursive font, please let me know!, I'm still desesperatly looking!)

Après plusieurs mois à essayer de trouver la police cursive parfaite, je démissionne.  Je n'y arrive pas.  Alors voilà, je met en ligne le nouveau look du blog.  Ce n'est pas encore à point, il y aura encore quelques petites modifications dans les prochains jours - désolée!  Le tout est inspiré de la chambre de E.  C'est peut-être un signe que je passe trop de temps dans cette pièce là (que j'adore!)

Comment aimez-vous le nouveau look?
Et si vous connaissez une police cursive simple et moderne, laissez moi un message!! :)


  1. I hesitate to say it, but even though this is lovely, I really liked the look of your blog before! It was so so clear.

  2. Thanks for your honnesty Rach :)

    As a matter of fact, I liked the other layout that I had before better too. But trouble is, it was not a blogger template. (whereas this one is, it is the simple one) And I was starting to question whether this layout was the culprit of the commenting problem (the very same problem you comment on not so long ago. I've been trying to figure out what the problem is for a while, and I am just not able to :( )
    So I have to give this layout a try, and if I don't see it making any difference, I'll go back on the previous layout with a couple of minor modifications .

    Thanks again for your comment!

  3. Hi Neptune, it's been ages since I have had time to stop in to read your blog - it's delightful as always!
    We have just started using a very clear cursive font for the printed materials in our classroom... I can't remember the name of it but I'll check the school computer on Monday and get back to you. It might not be 'beautiful' enough for the blog, but it is great for classroom use. There is also a tricky way to get it to connect so I'll try and find that out and let you know that too :)

  4. Hi Neptune, started reading your blog quite recently. I have one little comment about the colours: they are lovely (especially the blue on the right side) but I find it difficult to read properly, the fonts and/or the background are too lightly coloured and the contrast isn't enough in my opinion :)

  5. Cathy
    I was so glad to see you blogging again! Please keep going :)
    Let me know for the font. I'd be very interested to see, as I had loads of stuff to prepare for summer :)

    Fred: thank you for your comment. These were one of the things I was saying needed to be worked on. It should be better now, let me know if it is still hard to read!

  6. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, Neptune.
    Our font is called FS Contemporary. I just found it online here ( but unfortunately it's not a free font... a little searching might find you a free version somewhere?
    Good luck :)