Wednesday, 16 November 2011

How X learns - Monday

Monday morning, we are off to school.  The drive is rather long, and I usually let the kids decide what kind of trip they'd rather it to be: a moment for calm, a moment to sing,to learn or just to be silly.

But this morning, X asked me a question that took me a little by surprise. He questioned me about determinants.  Since the entire french speaking world is currently changing their ways of learning grammar, this concept of determinant definitely didn't come from home, as it is a term that we have never used.  THis concept was obviously coming from school.  He wanted to know how this worked.  Basically, determinants can be many things but what he wanted to know about was the article.
And so talking about this lead us to a game to which he specified the rules right before we started.  And since I know now better then to try to change these rules to make the game "better", I just followed his lead.

We played for about 25 minutes at this game of naming whether a noun is feminine or masculine. I would say something, let's say mailbox, and he would tell me if that noun was masculine or feminine.

Well, I sure have learned something that morning.  Even though my son was never taught this rule before, he knew a lot more then I thought about it.

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