Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The activity table

I wanted to show you today how we are set up for E's activities.

As I mentioned earlier on, we have activities set up for him in ever corner of our home.  Upstairs, downstairs, in virtually every room, there is a basket or something related to him.

You've seen his room before, there is a set of shelf in there for calm activities to do on the floor.  His permanence box with interchangeable lid permanently lives there, along with a treasure basket of some sort (although I feel the end of treasure basket to be soon).  I usually add one or 2 other activity that rotate monthly.
this was taken a few months ago

I've also shown you his weaning table, that is basically becoming a drawing table.  That is the most common activity he does there.

The living room is his new spot.  He now like being in the center of the home, near of where I work and am.  So I reorganized a few things to created space for his activities there.  It is perfect!

We bought a Ikea table about 6 months ago.  This table isn't sold anymore at Ikea, and after wanting to buy it so many times while it was available and not doing so, when I found it second hand, I just jumped on the occasion.  Perfect table for kids!

I put all of his activities in the cubbies under, and E can just work on the table while standing up.  Easy to clean, easy to see, just the right height.  Perfect really!

I've been going back a forth for a while now on having a room for all activities to go in.  But I finally came to the conclusion that I rather have learning as a part of our home rather then it being confined to a room, and  since the only room available is downstairs, and far away from the hearth of our home, it is less then ideal, and therefore unused.  So I rather have my kids's activity in the living room, even though the setting is not perfect.

As for the room downstairs, I've been working on it for many weeks now.  I want this room to be one where creativity is the prime interest.   I'll sow it to you, once it finally feels finished.


  1. This is really really lovely. I enjoy seeing how minimal your home looks, like there is room for everything. Would you consider giving us a whole house tour one day? Or maybe one room at a time? We have a large house, yet it seems to burst at the seams with furniture and 'stuff', despite my best efforts. I guess having a first birthday recently didn't help the 'stuff' situation!

  2. Chez nous aussi, nous n'avons pas de piece a part pour les activites Montessori. Il y a un peu de tout partout! Dans notre maison precedente, il y avait les activites Montessori proprement dites dans la salle a manger-cuisine, ou nous etions le plus souvent, les jeux/jouets dans le salon, et les livres, peluches et deguisements dans la chambre!